Meet The Crew

Heather & Phil

Large and In Charge

Phil Norvold offers practical knowledge of the influence and impact social media
can have on your business success. Phil has multiple degrees in automotive and
marketing and leads an ever-growing portfolio of companies including Maxbilt
Offroad & MFG, Epic Willys Adventure, and Legends Marketing. Always curious
and constantly learning—Phil strives to be an expert in his crafts. Phil has a
unique ability to instill connections across all aspects of business and is
effective in front of executives or in the shop with his team. He believes in the
power of community and family and brings this passion for connectedness to
create unique and sustainable customer experiences. Want to get to know him
more? Tune in to “Mornings with Maxbilt” (via Facebook) on Tuesdays for some
bacon before the shop opens and ask him a question or two!


Creative Executioner

Jamie has successfully evaluated, produced, created, modified, supplemented,
and elevated digital marketing, events, and social media for several businesses
ranging in all different sizes. From humble beginnings at a non-profit art center, all
the way to a multi-billion dollar corporation — and lots of projects in between;
Jamie has proven success in implementing targeted marketing strategies. When
not managing businesses’ digital marketing, she builds webpages and
manages her own blog site. Jamie has always loved the power of social media
and helping others gain a hold of their audiences in a meaningful way.


Digital Media Guru

Nate specializes in videography, animation, and graphic design. He graduated from CVTC in spring 2020 with a degree in digital marketing and has been unstoppable since. With an eye for taking a graphic or video from plain and boring, to interesting and imaginative, Legends loves having him as a part of the creative team. Nate also has experience in social media content creation and ad design.